Plaster Plaster Plaster

Dec 24

Plaster Plaster Plaster

24th December 2015


The foreman arrived early Wednesday morning with the plasterers in tow, much to our excitement.

Unfortunately this was short lived as annoyingly they didn’t return the next day. After chasing up on what was going on the plasterers said they would return and work at ours over the weekend to make up for not being here on the Thursday and Friday. They then worked through until early afternoon on Christmas eve to get as much done as possible.

The plastering has really transformed the spaces and they are finally starting to feel like rooms again.

To celebrate we set up a make shift table in our lounge, opened a couple of presents and had some fun playing laser tag around the house.



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Slow Progress

Dec 13

Slow Progress


After the high of the scaffolding coming down and feeling we were on the home straight with the building works we received the upsetting news that the windows we had ordered and planned to be installed before Christmas aren’t going to be ready until the end of January. The consequences of this are huge for us as it prevents a number of things from progressing however most of all is that it puts the funding we have secured for the insulation and render in jeopardy. It has angered us that we are in this situation and the pressure is really on now in terms of timing to get the windows in and the render and insulation installed before the funding deadline expires.

The last two weeks have been a bit up and down with nothing happening and then relief when a bit more happens. Our builders aren’t as forthcoming as I would like with communicating their plans so I have a tendency to fret about what is or isn’t happening.

The internal door frames were removed and the door at the front was finally moved into the new doorway however with that we gained a very draft cold house.

Just when I thought our living conditions couldn’t get any worse the builders progressed by taking down two internal walls to make way for the two pocket doors we are having installed.

A mattress was commandeered to use as our bedroom door and draft excluder and it did just that.

After a few more days living like this and no workers on site we had the carpenter here on Friday, he made the stud wall and fitted the eclisse sliding door frame for the bedroom. We also had someone on site to plasterboard the ceilings in the extension and front bedroom. This has really helped cut the draft down.  This last stage of getting trade in to finish the shell seems to be the trickiest to coordinate with the work that needs doing not all that time consuming it is frustrating, I have to keep reminding myself we will get there and hopefully this time next year we will be able to look back and laugh about it whilst enjoying the results.


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Guttering goes up and Scaffolding comes down

Dec 01

Guttering goes up and Scaffolding comes down

30/ 11/2015

After completion of the roof the next job due to be done was the guttering.

After looking around we couldn’t find anybody that could supply an anthracite grey box guttering and as this wasn’t something we were willing to compromise on we decided to go with the aluminium box guttering from a company called Guttercrest. You buy lengths, corner joints, outlet joints etc in a similar way to conventional guttering however its made from aluminium and power coated and is extremely robust.  Due to the fact it is made to order we did however have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery and our builders weren’t on site during this time so for 3 weeks nothing happened on the project.

My husband did however finish off the soffit and fascia end on the left side of the gable which involved him utilizing his model making skills to achieve a neat and simple finish without unsightly joins.

After eventually taking delivery of the guttering last week the builders came to install it. It wasn’t a system they had worked with before so my husband was on site for the install to ensure they followed our layout plan and to resolve any queries along the way. Whilst they found some aspects of the install tricky it worked out in the end and I came home to see it all installed except the downpipes which can’t go on until a later date and the touch up paint which we will do when we have a couple of days of  dry weather.

With the guttering up the scaffolding was finally able to come down, so on Friday for the first time we got to properly see how the front facade is looking. You can already see how its completely transformed the look of the house and once the window, front door and the rendering /cladding is done the transformation will be amazing.


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