Blackberry and Rhubarb crumble

Sep 25

Autumn is approaching and that means its the one time of year when blackberries are in abundance and free for anyone to pick.

I went for a long walk along our nearby canal towpath and collected a tub full with the intention of making a fruit crumble.

I wanted to use rhubarb with the blackberriess and after looking at a number of recipes I settled with this one

I decided to do the crumble mix in my food processor for the first time as I didn’t fancy getting dirty hands, I was a little unsure how well it would work but was pleasantly suprised at how quick and easy it mixes the ingredients to make a perfect crumble mix. I would definitely recommend it and think the days of using my fingers are well and truly in the past.

The recipe was easy to follow with no stewing of the fruit needed and the resulting crumble was delicious with a lovely crunchy topping, just how I like it.



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