Christmas; a time for DIY

Jan 05

5th January 2016

With the majority of the plastering done and the Christmas holiday here it was our turn to get some internal works done on the house. We had a day off for Christmas day which we spent with my inlaws and it was our nieces first Christmas so it was lovely to be part of that, the downside was that it was the first Christmas I have not spent with my parents and brother.

With Christmas day over with we set to work on our schedule of jobs, a day was spent doing some block work on our garden room, I shall post a separate thread on this project soon.

We then set to work in removing all the floor boards in the front bedroom in order to clear out under the floor and insulate between the joists. Once clear we put batons along the joists for the insulation to sit on and left 60mm for the depth of the insulation. We then laid some of the 18mm plywood sheets down which our overlay underfloor heating system will be laid on top of.

The process wasn’t too time consuming and after a couple of days it was almost complete with the exception of a small area where there are still some central heating pipes to be removed.

Being able to get on with some tasks ourselves felt rewarding and gave us an uplift.

A few other minor jobs were also completed and then we started to get some  paint on some of the plastered walls.

What a transformation, even after one coat of watered down paint a white hall suddenly makes the world of difference.



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