Garden Office – End of Year Progress Update

Dec 31

Garden Office – End of Year Progress Update

31st December 2016

Four months have passed since my previous update and with 2016 coming to an end I thought I should finally share with you the progress that we have made.

We ordered the window and patio doors from and once delivered my brother in law helped myself and my husband to install them. Having not installed windows before we found the process time consuming and the instructions were lacking some details and parts of the process weren’t covered. After much time, frustration, a little brute force and some crossed words we finally got both installed. I am not sure I would recommend doing this to anyone else thinking of trying it but as we needed to keep spending as low as possible we didn’t have much of a choice.

After deliberating on the options for the finished roofing and whether to get someone in to do it or not we finally decided to take the plunge and go for a EPDM roof and install it ourselves. It meant we could have the longevity that EPDM provides but keep costs down by installing it ourselves.

We went with a product called ClassicBond, they provide online tutorials showing the various components needed and how to install them. We ordered all the materials online going with the thicker 1.5mm membrane. Once delivered, we followed the process, as shown online, gluing the membrane into place and all went well. You do have to be careful to eliminate any air bubbles and whilst we have a few we were happy overall with the result.

I had decided to have my first go at tiling and set about tiling the floor of the shed. I found I got pretty messy and got frustated with myself trying to get every tile perfectly level, but actually the end result isn’t too bad at all and I am pleased with myself for doing it.

Next my husband had the challenge of preparing the outside lighting. I had decided I wanted colour changing leds installed on the outside overhang and settled on 9 separate strips. This meant 9 strips of led tape needed 4 cables soldering to each of them (R,G,B and Common). My husband was cursing me over this as it wasn’t the easiest of tasks but when we eventually got them all wired up and tested we could see it is was well worth the effort. Pictures to follow in my next post, once the electrics supply has been installed.

Next we had the rendering guys in to render the building. First they needed to install render board over areas with plywood such as the overhang, overhead structures linking the columns to the building and the perimeter edge of the roof.  Next came the base coat and primer followed by the top coat. December isn’t the ideal time of year for doing this due to the reduced amount of daylight hours and unpredictable weather but eventually it was completed the week before Christmas. This has really transformed the structure into the modern feature for our garden that I had envisioned when I designed it.

To start 2017 off we will be cladding the interior of the shed section and adding storage hooks etc for bikes, tools etc.

The plastering in the office section needs to be done and the electric supply connected.

We then plan to clad the front wall, at some point in 2017.


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Garden Office Update

Aug 17

Garden Office Update

17th August 2016

Since my last update my husband has been working hard in the evenings and at weekends and the structure has really moved forward.

All the walls have been built, joists installed and plywood fitted across them ready to take the finished roof covering. Thanks have to be given to family and friends for help they have given and the loan of a cement mixer.

Two columns that are going to be linked to the building via an overhead structure have also been built. This has been done using concrete blocks, reinforcing bars and concrete. The intention is that these will help provide a link between the building and garden itself,  as well as providing a support for  attaching a hanging chair.

Whilst progress has been good there is still a lot to get done before its complete and the finishing details are so important to the success of it. A tight budget however makes this more complicated.

Originally the plan was to have a metal sheeting for the finished roof surface however costs have been coming in higher than anticipated and as the roof surface won’t be visible we are currently considering having a cheaper alternative such as felt.

I have however sourced a company for the window and patio door. Having had quotes previously for aluminium to match the house we decided to get quotes for UPVC in grey, to try and keep costs down however we found there wasn’t much of a price difference.

After some further research I have found a supplier that can provide them in aluminium at a lower price and with a 2-3 week lead time. We visited their showroom last week, with the quality looking good and the window profile looking the same as the house windows, these will be ordered very soon.

That just leaves us with the roof to sort, the rendering to be done, cladding materials to be chosen, a hidden door to make and all the electrics, floors, fixtures and fittings to do.

More on these in the next update.





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Garden office the story so far

Apr 19

Garden office the story so far


You may remember back in August 2015 in my week 2 post about the Project Woodlands house renovations, there were pictures of concrete being poured for a concrete base for a garden room.

As if we don’t have enough on our plates with the house we have been slowly working on a garden office / shed at the bottom of the garden.

With the main building works done on the house for now, and after being made redundant from my full time job, the provision for a home office is all the more pressing.

Here is an update in pictures of what we have done so far.


August 2015

October 2015 – 19/04/2016

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