Focus on Planting at Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Oct 01

Planting schemes are so important to a garden and with so many genus and species of plants available these days it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Here I will share my favourites from Chelsea Flower Show 2013.

In the Sentebale Forget-Me-Not garden these neat round mounds of  Helxine soleirolii (mind your own business) ‘ and Selanginella Helvetica look great however Hebe ‘green globe’ and Scleranthus Biflorus could be used to create a similar effect. Elsewhere in the garden I like the angular rocks used between plants which is a great alternative to using pebbles.


The large Rhododendron macabeanum in the background of this image of the East Village Garden combined with the structural form of the arum lilies, (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is quite something.

In addition I love this ground cover used in the Australian Garden. Its called Acacia Cognata Limelight however I haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells it in the UK.


The use of Buxus balls or hedges in amongst softer planting has been used in a number of gardens at Chelsea and is very effective. I particularly love the combination of these structural forms against the soft texture of grasses.


I have always loved Grasses, Hostas, Acers and Alliums so lastly I have included pictures of a select few that were my favourites on display in The Great Pavilion. These include Libertia ixioides ‘Goldfinger’, Allium Pinball Wizard and Schubertii, Hosta ‘Iced Lemon’ and ‘Dinky Donna’.


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