Garden Office Update

Aug 17

17th August 2016

Since my last update my husband has been working hard in the evenings and at weekends and the structure has really moved forward.

All the walls have been built, joists installed and plywood fitted across them ready to take the finished roof covering. Thanks have to be given to family and friends for help they have given and the loan of a cement mixer.

Two columns that are going to be linked to the building via an overhead structure have also been built. This has been done using concrete blocks, reinforcing bars and concrete. The intention is that these will help provide a link between the building and garden itself,  as well as providing a support for  attaching a hanging chair.

Whilst progress has been good there is still a lot to get done before its complete and the finishing details are so important to the success of it. A tight budget however makes this more complicated.

Originally the plan was to have a metal sheeting for the finished roof surface however costs have been coming in higher than anticipated and as the roof surface won’t be visible we are currently considering having a cheaper alternative such as felt.

I have however sourced a company for the window and patio door. Having had quotes previously for aluminium to match the house we decided to get quotes for UPVC in grey, to try and keep costs down however we found there wasn’t much of a price difference.

After some further research I have found a supplier that can provide them in aluminium at a lower price and with a 2-3 week lead time. We visited their showroom last week, with the quality looking good and the window profile looking the same as the house windows, these will be ordered very soon.

That just leaves us with the roof to sort, the rendering to be done, cladding materials to be chosen, a hidden door to make and all the electrics, floors, fixtures and fittings to do.

More on these in the next update.






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