initial ideas and sketches

Sep 26

We have been working on some ideas for the house and here are some sketches which should give you an idea of the look we are aiming for. Some more work and refinement is needed before we have a final design but we are progressing and will have more news soon.

The first two pictures below show how we want to change the front and rear elevations. The property is currently white render with some brick detail at the front however we want to have a smoother render and add some wood effect cladding to break up the expanse of white and enhance the asymmetric design.

The ground floor will be modified as we want to open up the rear with bi-fold doors and change the kitchen layout. Also as we want to do a loft conversion and therefore one of the bedrooms will be sacrificed for the staircase. Upstairs we plan to add 2/3 bedrooms and 1/2 bathrooms.


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