March Madness

Apr 06

March Madness (06/04/16)

Having gone to the director of the rendering to complain about how our project was being handled, I found he wasn’t much better and didn’t address / answer many of my points raised.  I ended up back dealing with the same person managing the project  but we did eventually get the rendering work completed, the scaffolding down and the rubbish cleared away before the end of March.

We can now finally see the front elevation in all its glory and driving up to it each time feels a little strange,  as though its not our house, I found myself thinking ‘did we really achieve this’.

There is still a lot to do; cladding, interiors, phase 2, driveway and the garden to be done and with the surprise news that I was being made redundant from my job, its certainly not going to be easy or soon before its all finished and we can fully enjoy it.

For now any significant spending has been halted and we are doing jobs ourselves that don’t cost very much.


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