Orange and White Chocolate cake

Sep 24

I love chocolate particularly chocolate cake but I wanted something less rich and heavy to take for adults and children to eat for a gathering of some friends.

I found this recipe and thought it sounded perfect


I followed the recipe and although the cooking temperatures were a little confusing and the cake took only around 20-25 minutes to cook at 180 degrees celcius and it turned out ok.

After icing I decorated the top of the cake with dark chocolate shards to give an informal but stylish finish.

We visited our friends in Dorset and it went down a treat for desert following our team effort of homemade pizza.

The sponge has a strong orange flavour without being overwhelming and the crème fraiche chocolate icing was sweet without being sickly which meant people couldn’t resist going back for more until it was all gone of course

At the end of the day not even a crumb was left behind !



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