Planning Permission brings us a step closer

Oct 13

July 2014

After submitting our plans to the council there was a long period of silence with the plans taking weeks to even appear on the planning portal due to a backlog in the planning department.

Eventually when it did go online we kept a regular check to see if there was any news.

During one such check we discovered there had been one objection from a neighbour however having read the contents we still felt confident the points raised weren’t going to hold much weight with the planners.

To our surprise we then got a letter from our planning officer asking us to review our plans and change all the elements / points raised in the objection letter. We found this extremely exasperating and were preparing ourselves for a battle ahead, as there was no way we were prepared to change the fundamentals of our design. Making such changes wouldn’t have allowed us to improve the house design or function. The fact our design had been described as of a poor quality, just seemed to demonstrate many people’s attitudes towards and understanding of modern architecture.

After discussion with our architect an informed letter was sent in response to the planning officer, pointing out that we had gone to great lengths by putting in a pre planning application the year before which had been positive towards our plans and the points raised as being of concern had been addressed and therefore we couldn’t understand why this advice was now being contradicted.

The letter certainly worked and after they reviewed the case we have been granted planning permission.

The valuable lesson we have learnt from this is how important the preplanning application can be. It strikes me that this is your only opportunity to get impartial advice from the planning department without being swayed by external opinions such those of neighbours.

We believe if we hadn’t had the pre planning advice we would almost certainly have had a much harder and lengthy battle to get our planning permission.

Front perspective

Front perspective visual


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