Plumbers start to install new boiler

Jan 10


This week we had the arrival of our plumbers to start installing a new Worcester combination boiler.

The plan was for them to get preparatory work done so that next week the gas meter and water main can be moved and the new boiler commissioned.

As we don’t have the funds to do all the building works at once or to do all the underfloor heating in one go it is a bit more complex than a standard boiler install. We need to keep the existing central heating (radiators) working but at the same time have the manifold and ability to start installing the underfloor heating. Eventually once the underfloor heating has been installed throughout all the radiators except for 2 towel radiators will be redundant.

After 2 days of work the plumbers have done their preparatory work and they will be back next Friday when the gas and water are changed over to get it all running. Fingers crossed there aren’t any issues and all goes to plan.

Its getting very cold now and having no water or heating would be nightmare scenario.


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