Project Woodlands hits a stumbling block

Oct 06

Its been a while since my last update and that’s because not a great deal has happened, and it has been a frustrating time.

After building control looked at our trial hole we did a further 2 trial holes in different places around the property. After having a structural engineer look at them, we employed a soil specialist to run tests in the hope that we would get a positive result enabling us to continue with the project as planned.

Unfortunately the soil report came back saying we wouldn’t be able to add further load without strengthening the existing foundations.

A structural engineer advised us we would need almost all the external and internal walls underpinned as well as lots of steel beams, to achieve the design we wanted. This came as a huge disappointment to us particularly when a costing came in that confirmed we just can’t afford to continue with the project we had dreamed of.

After we came to terms with the situation and our emotions subsided a little we revisited our plans and decided to modify them. The new plans will still transform the property, and we have made alterations to the floor plan to make the most of the space we have without converting the loft space. Below are some updated visuals and we have just submitted our plans to the council to get planning permission.

I really hope it goes through smoothly as I don’t think our emotions can take any more setbacks.

We really want to get started on the project now and are finding the slow progress very frustrating.

Once again the 3D rendered visualisation images are courtesy of David Hier.


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