Project Woodlands landmark moment

Aug 17

17th August 2015

Since getting planning permission just over 12 months ago, we have been trying to find the right builder at the right price and work out how we are going to fund the project .

We didn’t quite anticipate it would take as long as it has and some of the shockingly high quotes we have had along the way. We did however take at least 6 months off to concentrate on our wedding last summer when we realised it wasn’t realistically going to be possible to get the project started until this year.

This year has been passing us by quickly and we were getting anxious to get started whilst the weather is likely to be more favourable.

Just two months ago we finally decided on a builder who has done a few loft conversion projects for neighbours and they had a slot in their schedules that was coming up and would allow us to get the work done before winter kicks in.

As we don’t have the funds to be able to complete the whole project in one go, we have chosen to focus on getting the main structural elements done so that the majority of the exterior work can be done. This will leave the back wall with bifold doors and interior alterations to the kitchen and en-suite layouts to do at a later date. This will enable us to get the master bedroom and main bathroom finished as well as the exterior.

So finally after many sleepness nights work has started today and the bay window exists nolonger.

Its  a relief to finally get the project started however with the details of this project key to its success and the financials still a bit of a juggling act these are still dominating my thoughts for now.

I will be posting regular updates during the 12 week build and beyond, so you can follow our progress.

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