Project Woodlands –  Lounge lighting

Dec 23

In June we found out we are expecting our first child so deadlines for making progress on the house  interior has become even more important. The baby is due at the beginning of March so we want to have our master bedroom complete, the bathroom done and ideally the nursery done aswell.

A small but exciting milestone is having lounge lighting. When we moved in the only lighting in the lounge were two horrible wall lights which were disconnected last year.

We have made our own box lighting configuration and with my dads assistance we finally got it installed and working.


The boxes are made of mdf painted white with perspex to soften  the led strip lights within them to give an even spread of light..

We have also got a dimmer attached which is great as it enables us to adjust the lighting from super bright to as dim as you like depending on what you are doing.


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