Project Woodlands Steps and Gabion Wall

Dec 23

Just before our holiday in June we created shuttering and concreted the levels for our steps up to the house and installed a post box. It was about time we had something more stable than a few concrete blocks acting as steps !

We also decided we would knock down the old front wall and replace it with a gabion wall on our return.

We considered doing it the year before but other things took priority. Whilst we wont be doing the drive just yet until all building works are complete we felt the old wall was so ugly replacing it at this stage would be a way to improve the look of the house  from the street.

After knocking the old wall down we did a trip of shuttering the length and width of the wall with scaffold poles knocked into the ground. This was to provide a concrete base for the wall to sit on and the poles provide structural support to the final wall.

There are 3 gabion baskets  measuring  900mm high by 1500mm  long and 300mm deep  (provided by Gabion1) . These arrive as a flat pack and are easy to construct using the helical wires provided.

Once in place on top of the concrete base you need to add wire supports at intervals to help them keep their shape and not bulge when  you are filling them.

Next we started to place rocks into the baskets to create the wall. We went with Charcoal Basalt Gabion Stone (Mainland Aggregates).

The stones come in varying sizes and in order  to get an even distribution of stone sizes and them fitting together with minimum gaps you have to place each stone by hand which is a time consuming and slow process.

The results however are worth all the effort and we extremelty pleased with what we have achieved.

To finish the wall off I designed a feature panel for the house number to go on and had this made at a local metal workers.

Again I am really very pleased with the finished effect and there is the added benefit of making our house really easy to find for delivery drivers.


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