Project Woodlands Update 22/12/17 – Cladding

Jan 02

I know I haven’t posted in a while but I hadn’t realised until just now just how long it has been; over a year as my last post was back in April 2016.

This is probably because our focus switched to the garden room so nothing has changed on the house until the last few months.

In the summer  we finally decided on which cladding product to go for and the layout of the cladding we wanted. We decided to go for 3 different heights of plank and carefully chose where the joins would fall taking into account  window positions etc. We  calculated how much we needed by putting together a comprehensive plan and cutting list so that the supplier could cut the large sheets into lengths of the 3 different plank heights plus specific heights for window surrounds etc. The cladding was ordered and since its arrival at the end of August we have been cladding both the house and garden room on weekends when time and weather allowed.

The construction of the cladding started with firstly putting a water proof membrane onto the structures (DuPont Tyvek UV Façade). For the house however we installed battens and insulation before putting the membrane over the top.

We then fixed battens in the correct places for the cladding to  be screwed to. In addition a gasket is also used on these battens to provide a seal and further weather protection to the battens.

The cladding  product we have used  is Cembonit Cembrit Patina in Flint and we are very pleased with the results.

I feel the key to a successful install was in the planning and taking time to ensure mistakes aren’t made when measuring and cutting the lengths of cladding and to also ensure that gaps etc are as accurate as possible.

We made our own jigs to make it easy to ensure the gaps were consistently 8mm and that screw holes  for each height of plank were always in the middle and the same distance from the end of a plank. For interim screws we used a straight edge to ensure they are in alignment.



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