Project Woodlands Week 10

Oct 25

Project Woodlands Week 10 25/10/2015

This week saw the completion of the roof and it looks great.  I just can’t get enough of our lovely slate roof it really has transformed the look of the house.

We have been busy this weekend finishing removing plaster from the walls in the master bedroom ready for the electrician and plastering to be done.


We are also continually forward thinking and making decisions on fixtures and fittings at the moment.

I have today finished ordering the shower fixtures and apart from the shower screen and tray we have all the sanitary ware and plumbing fixtures. My brother who is a 3D visual artist has been modelling the bathroom for me so that we can decide on our tiling and fine tune the details of the bathroom. Its really helped being able to adjust things on the model to compare options and see what is going to work best.


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