Project Woodlands Week 5 and a month has now passed

Sep 20

Project Woodlands Week 5 and a month has now passed 20/09/15

The start of this week brought the arrival of the steels needed for the front cantilever.

Unfortunately I had to be at work on Tuesday and missed the installation of them.

The remaining chimney stacks have gone this week and the chimney breasts in the lounge and front bedroom have been taken down and blocked up.

This has however meant we no longer have a tv aerial as it was attached to the chimney,  so there is no watching tv in the evenings anymore for us and our sofa is wrapped up so we have nowhere to sit and relax either. As a result we are finding ourselves going to bed early to watch programmes on the ipad.

The rest of the scaffolding has been put up in preparation for work to start on the roof next week.

On a separate note we have pleasantly surprised at the success of selling the old fireplace and front door on ebay, so we will continue selling on items that are in good condition to maximise our funds.

I also finished stripping the bathroom tiles this weekend.


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