Project Woodlands Week 7

Oct 04

Project Woodlands Week 7  – 04/10/2015

This week the block work on the gable was completed and the carpenters continued work on the roof.

They took the old roof back to the ridge where the hipped roof used to begin and built the new roof structure. A bit of a surprise and an excellent bonus for us came on Friday when the carpenters decided to make it like a loft conversion and the resulting space is amazing.

Although we don’t have the funds to fully convert the loft this has opened up a can of worms / thoughts about being able to make use of the space.

We have reassessed our plan to have the boiler located in the loft and now think it will be better located in the new hallway cupboard, so that we don’t spoil the loft space and any possible future changes we might want to make.

We are also in a dilemma about whether or not at this stage we should put some velux roof windows into the roof.

Over the weekend we have also been continuing to remove coving and strip back plaster on some of the walls.



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