Project Woodlands Week 8 & 9

Oct 18

Project Woodlands Week 8 & 9

Week 8 saw very little progress. We had two days of rain and two days where the carpenters didn’t come, so only one day of work was done where they extended the rafters down one side of the house and fitted the grey UPVC fascia and soffit. We also had the surveyor come to measure up for our windows.

After voicing my concerns about the carpenters not being on site in week 8,  week 9 started with them being on site and they finished extending the rafters and fitting the fascia and soffit .

Wednesday morning brought a delivery of all the slate for the roof as well as the aluminium continuous verge trim for the gable we had requested. With it this brought our first major frustration of the build as the roofer wanted to know whether the trim should go against the wall so it could be rendered over or a gap of 25mm left so it could be rendered up to / under.  As we are having a specialist firm coming in to do a k render finish I sought there advice but after a lack of a speedy response and with the roofer hassling us for a decision so he wouldn’t be held up, we considered the impact of both options and realized rendering over it wasn’t really an option.

With the decision made on Friday they cracked on with starting to slate the roof and it is starting to really look good.

So far the build has been a fairly enjoyable experience but this week was definitely a stressful one and kept me awake at night. We are striving for a contemporary clean look where the finishing details are hugely important and both the carpenters and roofer just don’t seem to have the forethought and attention to detail that we would like. A key example of this is the way the fascia and soffit had been finished on the end, needless to say the front section has now been removed and we have suggested the best solution for a finish that wont have unsightly joints.

Next week should see the completion of the roof tiling and I cant wait to see the finished roof in all its glory.



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