Sculptures at Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Oct 01

The use of sculptures within gardens can often provide a fantastic focal point and give contrast to foliage. Here are details of my favourites from Chelsea Flower Show.

I have liked Tom Stogdons work for some time and the use of one of his slate sculptures in the Stop the Spread Garden demonstrates how great his designs can work in a garden.


David Harbers stand had a variety of designs on show but I particularly like the spiralling form made up of round discs and the giant convex reflective disc he calls ‘Torus’.

In addition the ‘Light’ sculpture by David Watkinson is very effective.


The sculptural metal trees by Guild which were on the Marshall Murray stand are a great example of sculptors using nature to influence their designs. These modern and industrial simple tree forms would look fantastic used in place of real trees to provide a stark contrast to the vegetation in a planting scheme.

Lastly if you are looking to add an element of fun into your garden Cathy H

arts animals are quirky and would certainly make you smile.



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