Slow progress

Oct 06

Its been a while since my last post and there has been little progress. We heard back from the planning officer just before the 8 week deadline. In general the feedback was positive, there were a couple of concerns but I think these can be addressed and I am hopeful we will have a good chance of getting planning permission. We have also now got an architect on board to help us and he has a structural engineer he works with and has contacts for local builders etc.

Its great to get somebody on board that appreciates what we have done so far and are trying to achieve and is keen to work with us on the project.

Something he did suggest was to dig an exploratory hole to establish what the existing foundations are like and getting building control to take a look so that we find out early on if there are going to be any problems. Having dug a hole we found the 3 layers of tarmac is relatively easy to get up but the foundations aren’t particularly deep. Building control have had a look and said they aren’t sufficient for another storey.  We are now awaiting the structural engineer to have a look and let us know what our options are and find out what the approximate costs will be. We are trying to remain positive and hopeful an affordable solution can be found and we are also going to speak to neighbours that have done a loft conversion to establish what if any measures they had to undertake.


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