Steak Dinner

Sep 09

Steak, Fondant potatoes, mushroom sauce, golden carrots and asparagus.

Steak Dinner With Fondant Potatoes.

Steak Dinner With Fondant Potatoes.

I am always wanting to try cooking new things and today I decided I wanted to make fondant potatoes for the first time. I found a hairy bikers recipe that I liked the sound of and used that as my starting point.

Fondant Potatoes

Fondant Potatoes


I peeled and trimmed the potaoes to give a flat edge and cut them into circles with my cookie cutter.

Next I heated the pan with olive oil and butter and once hot added the potaoes.

Left them to brown then turned and browned the opposite side.

Next I added rosemary, chicken stock and a clove of garlic to the pan and left to simmer for around 20mins.

For the mushroom sauce I chopped chestnut mushrooms and cooked these off, then added chicken stock and Madeira wine. I let this reduce added a small amount of double cream and thickened it with some cornflour.

To accompany them I cooked some medium rare steak, golden carrots and asparagus.

Golden carrots are a relatively new vegetable in the supermarkets but the really do have a wonderful earthy flavour and look great on the plate. I was very happy with the results and I could really taste the flavour in the potatoes although they probably could have done with a further 5-10 mins cooking time as they were on the firm side.


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