The Best Gardens at Chelsea 2014

Oct 06

A couple of gardens stood out for me at this years Chelsea Flower show. The Positively Stoke-on-Trent garden with its giant stainless steel and water arches is a fabulous contemporary design that makes for a great show piece. I can even forgive the use of Roses as there is so much to like about this garden. The idea behind this garden was to encapsulate the idea of a dynamic city, resurgent and powering ahead, with the natural world and energy at its heart. The use of clean lines, steel and glass contrast with the natural planting and calming water pool to achieve this.


My personal favourite garden this year is The Mind’s Eye garden by LDC Design which has been awarded Gold and Best Fresh Garden in Show. There is so much I love about this contemporary garden, from the layout and hard landscaping right the way through to the planting. In particular I like the clean lines and materials such as perspex, granite and glass used for hard landscaping with wonderful splashes of bright colours which contrast perfectly  with the softer planting scheme. The young designers, for whom this is their first garden at Chelsea, really should be very proud and I will look forward to seeing more from them in the future.


A few other gardens worth a quick mention are the Extending Space garden for the angular pergola design. The Waterscape garden for its angular, geometric suspended patio. The Reachout garden for minmalist design and striking metal sculpture and the Telegraph Garden for the pebble shaped box and canopy of lime trees.


This years Chelsea Flower Show was as always an enjoyable visit however I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more contemporary gardens to inspire me.



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