Trend for Vertical Planting continues at Chelsea Flower Show

Sep 26

Living walls have been increasing in popularity in recent years and this was certainly evident at Chelsea this year. A number of gardens incorporated living walls in a variety of styles. The Bluewater Roof garden had a tubular section resembling honeycomb on one wall and in the Stoke-on-Trent’s Story of Transformation Garden the whole back wall had vertical planting. The variety of plants being used in vertical gardens has increased in recent years although I think some lend themselves to it and are more successfully than others.


In addition to the gardens some stands were showing different styles of vertical planting such as the ceramic interlocking wall by Nido and vertical walls done in sections such as a narrow panel or using slots of planting within a white wall, an approach I particularly like which lends itself to a more modernist garden design.


Taking the trend a step further there were some examples of living art on dispaly such as in this RHS display and on the Scotscape stand, the idea of creating wall art from plants is an interesting one and I can’t help but wonder if this is something that will catch on and become popular.


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