We have a Front Door again !

Jan 20

January 20th

So last Friday the plumbers, gas man and builders all turned up to get the water main changed, gas supply and meter moved and our new boiler connected up and working.  I am very pleased and relieved all worked together to get the job done and it all went well.

Over the weekend we finished off insulating and boarding the front bedroom .

With the old boiler removed the builders returned on Monday were finally able to remove the last remaining chimney breast and block up a section of wall alongside it that had been previously built as a single skin of bricks and therefore not up to building regs. In addition we got them to remove our back door and block this up at the same time. This is in preparation for the insulation and rendering being done in a couple of weeks and ultimately stage two of the project, when we make alterations to the kitchen and have bifold doors installed.

This now only leaves a few minor bits for the builders to do and for their plasterers to return to plaster the window reveals once the windows have been installed next week.

Today was finally the day for our front door to be installed and we were both feeling pretty excited.

The fitters arrived and fitted the door without any problems and it looks fantastic.

The door was from the Entre Economy range from RK Door Systems and whilst it was pretty expensive for a front door,  many other aluminium doors suppliers charge a lot more for the same kind of spec so it represented good value for money. The fitters were from Woodfield windows and did a great job, it was definitely worth paying the extra expense to have a specialist fit it.

We are really very pleased with the result, now I just have to keep a close eye on plasterers etc to ensure they don’t mark the door at all.



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